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About Paramount

I started as a young man working as a maintenance man for a large apartment complex. I worked my way up the ladder to lead maintenance supervisor over 32 apartment complexes in three years! That was, as it turns out, the catalyst to where I learned how to serve others with my talents. After five years of being a supervisor I realized everyone has their own expectations, it is paramount that the end result is always a quality job.

I then took the next step and started my own business. I found remodeling to be a very self rewarding line of work. I find great satisfaction in making something old, broke or outdated into something my customer is proud of.

The Journey

As I learned the trade of remodeling i was in awe at first. There was more to calling yourself a remodeler than I would have thought. In order to do complete remodeling you have to know how to demo a home while occupied without disrupting the homeowner as much as possible! Then a large part of the skill is "retro fitting". That's where we save money. Learning how to make the whole job look as if it was not an afterthought, but look as if it were always there. That's important. I love what I do, who ever said, "If you love what you do for a living then you never work a day in your life." never did remodeling. I do love it!!!

Then and Now

As time went on I received many calls for small jobs. Some from repeat customers and some from new ones. I quickly learned that the small jobs mean as much as the large ones.

We now find ourselves getting lots of calls to do home repairs. In the times we live in now homeowners are making the wise choice to repair things and fix that sticky door, adjust the stubborn window, dress up the home so to speak. We can do that! We pride ourselves in that area. We will do all small jobs; the small jobs seem to be the spice of life.